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Curious what equipment I use to make drone videos? 
You've come to the right place!

This 2.5" cinewhoop is my go-to for indoor real estate projects. Built and tuned specifically for slow indoor cinematic flights, this drone has reached 10 minute flight times, is capable of filming 5k 30fps, and has incredible signal penetration.

I filmed an entire build video for this drone and it is available here!

Custom "slammed" Shendrone Squirt

Equipment Photos-19.jpg

Parts in this build:

Frame - slammed shendrone squirt

flight controller - iflight blitz mini stack f4

motors - betafpv 2204 2400kv
Video transmitter - dji o3 air unit

props - gemfan 5-blade d67

receiver - TBS crossfire

battery - gnb 1100mah 6s lipo (xt30)

This 3" cinewhoop is my go-to for larger indoor and exterior shoots. capable of 6s, 7 minute flight times (with a full sized gopro on board) and speeds of 40mph. This is the drone I use for larger facility fly-throughs, like this.

Equipment Photos-25.jpg

Parts in this build:

Frame - BEtaFPV pavo360

flight controller - betafpv f7 aio

motors - betafpv 2004 1700kv
Video transmitter - caddx polar vista

props - gemfan 5-blade d67

receiver - TBS crossfire

battery - Betafpv 750mah 3s (2x)

easily the most unique drone in my fleet. housing a smo360 camera in the middle, this drone is essentially an invisible, floating 360 camera. 

Equipment Photos-33.jpg

this is my go-to drone for aerial photography and standard aerial video. 

DJI goggles 2

Equipment Photos-10.jpg

The secret sauce to long range video signal and indoor video penetration. 

Ethix Mambo transmitter

Equipment Photos-18.jpg

Last but not least, for a controller I use the TBS mambo (ethix edition) with  a TBS crossfire module on the back. Another member of the fleet that helps significantly with signal penetration throughout large houses, facilities, and long range applications.  

Want to buy some of my equipment I no longer use?
check out this page

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